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Kabuto x Shizune: Medical Ninja (Rivalry) Love

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September 16th, 2011

07:08 pm - Come check out the prompts and fills at naruto_meme!
Hey everyone! Check out all the requests -and fills!- for this month's "versus" prompt over at naruto_meme!
What's a "versus" prompt, you ask? It's basically pitting one more characters against another one or more character in some kind of competition!

Wanna see Kakashi versus Gai in another zany test of endurance?

How about little Sasuke versus a crafty kitty?

What about Sakura and Ino in .....oh wow, take your pick of scenarios on this one!

Maybe you'd like to see Lee and Neji make a bet and see who wins?

Oooh, what Naruto's clones engaged in a debate?

Or perhaps one team versus another in a spar, spelling be, or.........beauty pagent!

We've even had Kunai versus Shuriken, which is the better weapon? And it was filled too, and it was awesome!

So come on by over here and check out what we've got, and comment with a prompt or fill (or more!) of your very own!

Remember, requests for this month's prompt are accepted until Sept 30th. Fills are always accepted- no time limit!

Get your requests in now, fill a few too, and leave a lovely comment for the writers!

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August 13th, 2011

08:22 pm - naruto_meme is accepting new prompts!

Hey everyone! Have you read the news? [info]naruto_meme , a monthly anonymous writing memes comm for Naruto fans, has got three new mods and accepting suggestions for new prompts right now!

Got a few favorite themes, genres, styles, or characters you want to add to the growing list of prompts? A few favorite ones that were already featured that you want to see again? Now’s your chance! Head over here to let us know what prompts you’d like to see!

Come on over and join the fun! ♥



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July 5th, 2006

09:32 am - First Post
I love Kabuto, I wanna cosplay him someday, and these two are totally perfect for each other. Who else is suited for Shizune?

I suppose Orochi or Naruto or Jiraiya would be funny, but Kabuto is definiate #1 match!

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